Thursday, October 7, 2010

Design Matters!

Does school design affect students? An overwhelming number of teachers in the UK say yes.

A survey conducted by the British Council for School Environments and the Teacher Support Network found that 95.8% of UK teachers agreed that the school environment had an influence on pupil behavior, students’ well being, and academic achievement.

For a long while now I’ve been convinced that a well-designed, attractive and inviting (in the eyes of children and teens) school library will have a positive effect on usage and student behavior. And I’m also convinced that surveys and research such as this one, with a focus on overall school design, apply to school library design as well.

Here is a link where you can download summaries of five additional studies that support the idea that the design of our learning environments affects the quality of education.

Design does matter. And keep in mind that good design rarely costs more than poor design.

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